A way of life that enlivens each disciple, regardless of age, to satisfy her or his hunger to worship God in thought, word and deed through generous gifts of time, talent and treasure;

Inspiring the People of God to grow in their faith by offering ample age-appropriate educational opportunities based on scripture, interpersonal relationships, peace and justice, and personal improvement; and

Seeking justice for all God’s children in the proclamation of hope through concrete actions


Holy Rosary recognizes that it is not a congregational gathering but one of many parishes that comprise the Diocese of Memphis, which needs the financial support of all the parishes in order to provide an effective variety of ministries to those who come to it in need. The Bishop’s Appeal is conducted each spring following Easter and solicits pledges from all Catholics in the Diocese to help support the work of the Bishop. Volunteers are needed to organize our parish effort, record results, operate video equipment, etc.
Contact: Fr. Jim Martell, 767-6949.

This group meets weekly on Friday afternoons to insert special announcements into our Sunday bulletin, while enjoying dessert and fellowship. They also help with the assembly of any special bulletins, such as Christmas or during Holy Week as needed. In addition, they handle the mailing of bulletins to homebound parishioners. Volunteers are always welcome!

Volunteers are accountable and responsible for an accurate and confidential record of all contributions from Saturday evening and Sunday liturgy collections. We have 5 counting teams, meeting every fifth Monday. The team schedule is published in the bulletin each week. Meetings are Monday mornings 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon or Tuesdays when a Monday holiday is observed. If you are interested in helping in this area, please volunteer.
Contact: Mrs. Jane Boettcher, 767-6949,

The Finance Council is a group of parishioners who act as an advisory board in assisting the Pastor in matters of Church and school finances.
Contact: Mr. Bob Scheibelhut, Chairman, 624-0776.

These volunteers help with the upkeep of the grounds, keeping shrubs trimmed, grass cut, leaves raked, flower beds weeded, plants & flowers planted and trash picked up and put in garbage cans.
Contact: Fr. Jim Martell, 767-6949


These volunteers work to assist the Priests and staff with St. Vincent De Paul outreach tasks, parish mailings, telephone, receptionist work.
Contact: Mrs. Rayna Cobb, 767-6949.