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For further information regarding these sacraments please contact the Parish Office at (901) 767-6949

Baptism (for infants up to six years of age)

All individuals six years of age and older who wish to be initiated into the Roman Catholic Community participate in special formational meetings, instruction and prescribed rites that lead to initiation at the Easter Vigil for most or other times, depending on particular circumstances. Separate tracts are established for children and adults.

First Pennance, First Eucharist, Confirmation

It is the policy of the Diocese of Memphis that any child wanting to celebrate the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Confirmation and/or Penance must be enrolled in a parish-based catechetical program for one year prior to beginning preparation for the sacraments. We recognize and support parents as the primary educators of their children in matters of faith but also acknowledge that the local church has the responsibility of ensuring the proper catechetical formation of those who desire the Church's sacraments. 


Please call the parish office and schedule an appointment with the pastor at least five months in advance of the proposed wedding date. Church Law as well as diocesan and parish policy require that certain guidelines be met before a wedding may be scheduled.

Price for Parishioners - $800
Price for Non-Parishioners - $1,100

Christian Burial

Please call the parish office before making funeral arrangements to confirm the availability of the Church, a Priest and or a Deacon, if a Funeral Mass is to be celebrated. 

Anointing of the Sick

When a family member is hospitalized, call the parish office to request prayers and to arrange for a pastoral visit. According to the "Patient Privacy Act" it is the patient's and patient's family's responsibility to provide the patient's room number if a pastoral visit is desired.